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Our Mission

Student Services is dedicated to meeting the needs of all stakeholders with courtesy, dignity, and respect. Our department is responsible for addressing concerns regarding enrollment, transfers, and all discipline issues unresolved at the campus level.

Registration Requirements List


  1. Current Lease of Deed

  2. Current Utility Bill

  3. Original birth certificate

  4. Immunization records

  5. Withdrawal papers/report card

  6. Picture ID of registering parent


  1. Contrato del apartamento

  2. Recibo de la luz o del telefono

  3. Acta de nacimiento

  4. Prueba de vacunas

  5. Papeles de retiro de la otra escuela/calificaciones

  6. Identificación con fotografia del padre presente

Tien Viet

  1. Giấy mướn nhà hay chung cư (hiện tại)

  2. Giấy trả tiền điện và điện thoại

  3. Giấy khai sinh

  4. Giấy chích ngừa

  5. Giấy chuyển trường hoặc hội bạ năm trước

  6. Bằng lái xe hoặc thẻ xanh (giấy tờ có hình ảnh của phụ huynh)


  1. 有效租约

  2. 最新的水费,电费或瓦斯费账单

  3. 出生证明原件

  4. 免疫注射纪录

  5. 退学证明/成绩单

  6. 到场报名的家长带有照片的身份证

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The Student Services Department is located at the Alief Support Facility at:

14051 Bellaire Blvd. Suite 200
Houston, TX 77083

Phone: 281-498-8110, extension 83100
Fax: 281-988-3101