School Schedule

  • Breakfast begins at 7:20 (Free For All Students)

  • School Begins 7:50

  • Dismissal Begins 3:20


Regular school attendance is vital to a student's success at school, arriving late, leaving early, or being absent causes students to miss out on important instruction, directions, and routines. It also causes students to miss opportunities to bond and work with their peers. Their late entry or return from an absence also interrupts the flow of the instructional day, as teachers stop to welcome the late/absent student and review morning routines and missed assignments (which takes away instruction time for the other students).

Students need to be in attendance at least 90% of the school year to be eligible for promotion. 90% of our 177 day school year is 160 days - this means that only 17 absences are permissible. on the 18th absence, students may be retained in the current grade level. Parents may also be given court warnings for student absences, based on district and state attendance policies.

In addition to affecting individual student end-of-year promotion statuses, absences, tardies, and early leaves also affect the campus attendance percentage, which is one of the many categories viewed by Texas Education Agency for accountability purposes (affects our school standing and is just as important as the Math, Reading, and Writing STAAR exams taken by our 3rd and 4th graders), most notably as an Academic Achievement Designation Distinction.